Gunold GmbH
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Our Contribution to Improved Environmental Protection and Sustainability
We live up to our responsibility and follow the ecological path

Energy - Conservation of Resources
Beerli AG, Switzerland, one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Europe, processes our threads

- State-of-the art and future-oriented technologies make it possible to continue to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and to achieve an energy efficient production process.

- Heat recovery and minimization of water consumption are an integral part of our sustainability-oriented production

Primary Products – Renewable is our top priority
Whenever possible we use renewable primary products to manufacture our embroidery supplies.

- Our premium viscose embroidery thread SULKY is made of 100% ENKA viscose, which originates from nature because the original material is the renewable primary product wood.

- We only purchase our STIFFY backings from suppliers who are committed to sustainability based on our standards. Our backings are solely made of cellulose, polyester or a combination of both and in addition for the coated backings acrylate is added (adhesive).

Dye stuff – 100% Eco-Friendly
- For the dyeing process of or embroidery threads, we only use environmentally friendly reactive - dyes that are sourced from renowned chemical companies, which in turn do a lot of research regarding ecology and environmental protection.

- We support reusable packaging and follow through even during the production process. Here we use reusable sleeves and aluminum containers for the storage of semi-finished products.

Our promise to you: Sustainable management strategies and a clear commitment to environmentally friendly technologies are an integral part of our operations and part of GUNOLD’s daily business.You can count on that!
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