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Needle Felt Fabric in Vibrant

For Embroideries, Emblems and Appliqués

For this special felt, barbed needles are used to mechanically
tangle fibers into a premium felt fabric.

FELTY is ideal for embroidery projects since it is non-elastic,
soft and has a smooth surface- there is nothing to deflect
the embroidery needle. High quality appliqués, emblems and
batches are easliy made.

Processing Recommendations:

FELTY is ready to be embroidered,
e.g. as patch or appliqué.

Best results can be achieved with laser cut appliqué patches
made of FELTY as the laser process welds together the cut
edges and prevents the appliqué from fraying.

Technical Information:

Material Composition:
100% Polyester

200 g/m² +/- 10%

ca. 100 cm x 3 m; thickness 1,5 mm
ca. 100 cm x 10 m; thickness 1,5 mm

Tolerances: thickness may vary +/- 10%

Certified in accordance
with Oeko-Tex standard 100

Range of Colours:
Available in 17 popular colours

Ideal for Sampling:
A 29 x 33 cm sample of each of the 17 colours
is included in a handy box.

Dispatch and Packing Size:
1 roll


Wooden or metal storage racks hold the rolls of stabilisers and foils which are used for production. Simply unroll and cut to have the right size of the desired stabiliser.
No more lifting, carrying and arduously clearing a table in order to be able to cut the stabilisers or the foils.