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SULKY - Embroidery Thread made of 100% ENKA Viscose

The Premium Thread with Colour Guarantee!

The quality of viscose threads can vary quite a lot. Made of 100% branded viscose, SULKY® has gained a top rank in the list of most acclaimed embroidery threads worldwide – thanks to its silky smooth shine and flawless, even colouring, not to forget its high non-fade properties and colour fastness: a SULKY® colour tone will keep its brilliance for years. This makes sampling and reordering an easy task while guaranteeing reliable results. And nature benefits too: the manufacturing process of SULKY® is extremely environmentally friendly and conserving natural resources!

We’re acting ecologically!
ENKA viscose is a genuine natural product:
Its raw material cellulose is extracted from sustainablymanaged eco-friendly wood and refined to premium-grade viscose thread during further processing steps according to environmentally-friendly standards. It’s bio-degradable!
With Oekotex-Certificate

Processing Recommendations

Use standard needle ORGAN No. 75/11 SES. If necessary, use needle ORGAN 80 for strength 30.

Bobbin Thread:
For best results, use BOBBY SYN 130 or BOBBY FIL 110L.

Technical Information

Upper thread for glamorous embroideries

100% ENKA viscose

Strength 30: Nm 50/2; dtex 200/2
Strength 40: Nm 75/2; dtex 133/2

Colour range:
390 colours

Strength 40: Mini-king cones of 1000 m each, Cones of 5000 m each
Strength 30: Spools of 25 g each, Cones of 5000 m each

Dispatch and packing size:
SULKY® 40: Carton with 10 mini-king cones, (also available individually)
SULKY® 40: Carton with 10 cones (also available individually)
SULKY® 30: Carton with 10 spools,
SULKY® 30: Carton with 10 cones (also available individually)

Special sample kits

- one miniking cone each of all 335 plain colours on 3 wooden stands
- one miniking cone each of the 27 most important colours in a handy drawer box
- one miniking cone each of all 55 ombré/multi colours on 1 wooden stand

Special sample kits


Storage of thread made easy:

Either hang the useful wooden racks on the wall or put them upright on the floor. Simply attach the thread cones which are currently not being used and next time needed just take them off and put them back on the embroidery machine. The desired thread colour can be found easily and fast.

Folding cardboard boxes allow the storage of thread cones which are currently not being used and guarantee a long thread shelf life. The thread is protected against dust and sunlight, the boxes are stackable and you’ll find the desired embroidery thread colour easily when needed.