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ISPO Textrends – We’ll be there!

Exciting news! Our innovative and sparkling thread CRY has been selected and awarded for the ISPO TEXTRENDS.
Therefore one of our products will be presented for the first time at ISPO MUNICH as one of the top innovations for autumn / winter 2018/19 to industry experts.

Discover our latest designs created with this fascinating thread at the ISPO Textrends in Hall C3 from February 5-8, 2017.
CRY is visible from a distance when used in appliqués, decorative seams or large-scale embroideries. It not only provides protection to the wearer, but also creates fascinating sparkling effects in the dark.

In search for new and innovative materials, designers and product managers are always looking for new ideas hence they consider ISPO TEXTRENDS a valuable platform for pioneering textile trends and innovations for the current season! And CRYby GUNOLD has been named one of the most innovative products in the category “TRIMS” for the upcoming season.

Retro-reflection is the magic word. Retro-reflection occurs when a
reflective material returns the impinging radiation to the direction of
the radiation source, largely independent of the direction of the reflector.
As for CRY, thousands of microscopically small glass beads result in sparkling effects.

Come and be amazed! You can find CRY at ISPO MUNICH, in Hall C3 at ISPO TEXTRENDS from February 5-8, 2017.
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