Important Detail Makes A Big Difference

New organic cotton thread creates a positive dynamic for the market

The GUNOLD company has a long tradition focusing on small details that make a big difference to the final product and to the consumer. The understanding that small improvements have a big impact in the long run is firmly anchored in the GUNOLD DNA. Now, for the first time, the Stockstadt-based company is offering COTTY BIO, a sustainable cotton thread for embroidery and decorative seams made from pure organic cotton, thus mastering another important step within its sustainability strategy.

After all, like all new products that want to make it into GUNOLD's comprehensive product range, the new COTTY BIO first had to overcome a high hurdle. "Everything has to be just right," emphasizes marketing manager Stephan Gunold. „The cultivation, twisting and dying process of our new COTTY BIO is GOTS certified as well as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.
Twisted and dyed in Italy, the final makeup is then wound in Stockstadt. We will start with ten modern classic colors including a pastel pink and a washed-out denim blue." For the colors, GUNOLD has been inspired by current as well as popular color trends and of course also offers traditional colors such as white, black, blue and green.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is grown organically and avoids many environmental problems. Organic farming, for example, relies on variety in planting, which keeps the soil healthy and allows the plants to grow stronger - completely without pesticides. The absence of pesticides and fertilizers can also have a positive impact on farmers' health. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry and more and more internationally relevant brands and retailers are committing to the use of organic cotton. At the same time, organic cotton cultivation is still limited to just 1% of the global cotton production. As a result, prices for organic cotton are shooting through the roof.  But experts believe that due to the price development and high demand, more and more farmers are now turning to organic cotton for cultivation, even if they have to factor in a lower yield compared to conventional cotton.


With COTTY BIO, GUNOLD offers the industry a more comprehensive sustainability, even for embroidery and effect threads. The environmentally friendly COTTY BIO consists of premium 100% long staple, high quality, mercerized, Egyptian cotton, is GOTS certified cultivated, twisted and dyed. Also all further production steps, e.g. the winding of the final make-up, comply with the limit values specified by GOTS (V6.0) for "ingredients and accessories". The matt shiny organic cotton thread is wound on recycled Miniking cones (tubes), easily recognizable by its light gray color, and does not require any PVC film at all. Our extensive testing guarantees that COTTY BIO has the same excellent runnability as conventional COTTY. COTTY BIO is offered as COTTY BIO 30, size Nm 50/2; dtex 200*2.

Kastentext: Walking the Green Path with GUNOLD

More and more people are concerned about nature and the environment and are focusing on sustainability in their everyday lifestyle. Textiles play a major role here. Many resources are needed for their production, manufacturing and supply chains span the globe, and excess production is destroyed unused. On the path towards more sustainability and environmental protection, it is important to take a closer look at all steps of textile and apparel production. This is the only way to achieve real improvements. The GUNOLD company follows this maxim and by offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs, wants to make a small, but no less important contribution to more sustainability in the fashion industry.


Whether decorative stitching or embroidery - extensive testing shows that COTTY BIO 30 delivers the same excellent runnability as conventional COTTY 30 and COTTY 12.