SOLVY - Thin Water-Soluble Embroidery Foil

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Stitch-by-Stitch Brilliance - Even on High-Pile Fabrics!

Product description

The softer and bulkier the fabric, the easier stitches disappear in the material, resulting in unsightly embroideries. With SOLVY every single stitch turns out brilliantly, and even intricate patterns with most detailed embroideries are stitched needle-sharp. The trick is a water-soluble foil that is placed on the fabric prior to embroidering and then washed out without leaving any residues. Even elastic knit fabrics and terry cloth can be embroidered with ease and precision! SOLVY can also be used as fabric backing when both sides of the embroidery are visible – for neat results, e.g. on scarves or towels.

Product video: Embroidering on Terrycloth

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