Embroidery thread rack - 1000 m MINIKING CONES

A useful and optically attractive wooden rack helping you to present your embroidery yarns carefully.

You may put 120 Miniking cones of 1,000 m on the rack – either colour matching for decoration purposes or in numerical order as useful storage aid on the embroidery machine.

The embroidery thread rack can either be hung on the wall or put upright using the support on the back.
Transport costs are kept to a minimum as we ship the rack as practical construction kit. The assembly is very easy and fast.


height: 73 cm
width: 60 cm
deepth: 10 cm

Drawer Box - 1000m MINIKING CONES

Embroidery threads have a very long shelf life-if stored properly! Neatly stacked away and securely closed, this strong and durable box is the ideal storage solution for Miniking cones which are currently not being used, since it keeps the cones away from dust, dirt and sunlight.

This sturdy box is made from corrugated carton, holds 27 Miniking cones and it comes in handy when different colours are needed for embroidering.

- no assembly required - box comes fully assembled
- permanent dividers securely separate each Miniking cone compartment
- great sturdiness



height: 80 cm
width: 155 cm
length: 460 cm