GUNOLD Trend Information Collection Summer 2021

The spring summer 2021 collection will show lots of voluptuous blossoms. There will be
classical flowers like the pansies on the picture, embroidered with the COTTY 30 cotton
thread as well as exotic and colourful bouquets and flowers using Gunold’s rich choice of
glossy viscose and special effect threads.

We will discover the comeback of pastel shades. Simple geometric structures remain a
strong trend, realized in a matt look using glow-in-the-dark pastel shades from the
GLOWY range.

(the picture on the right shows the same pattern, the matt GLOWY thread in high contrast
to the reflective and shiny fabric by Frizza Italy.)

The look of dripping colours is very trendy – like oil or acrylic paint dripping from painter’s
palette, the embroidery threads are flowing down the fabric… (from left to right: Gunold’s
polyester POLY, new effect thread POLY STAR and glow-in-the-dark GLOWY):

Three-dimensional effects are a must: high-tech-fabrics are alienated with abraded
embroideries. Matt effect threads are combined with ultrashiny fabrics, accentuated with
bright shades of red.
The furry look of the red heart design was realized using woolly FILAINE thread, abraded
with Gunold’s “Filaine Brush”.

Shades of blue will play a major role in this summer collection, inspired also by Pantone’s
colour of the Year 2020, Classic Blue 19-4052.

Medley of blue tones from Gunold’s thread assortment.
The embroidered circles were stitched with plain and ombré shades from the SULKY viscose
shade card.

Reiner Knochel for Gunold, December 2019