GUNOLD Trends Spring-Summer 2022

Trends Spring-Summer 2022

Another collection needs to be developped and still there are almost no trade shows or  trend events.
Covid 19 is still dictating our action. Travelling is almost impossible but the world keeps
on turning and consumers are waiting for fresh ideas, even if worn in the home office.
But the day will come, we’ll go out again and with it the wish to look good!
Fashion offers the possibility to express feelings and more than ever, feelings count in our shaky times.

So which are the currents, which colours and materials are touching us?

We are cherishing values like safety and comfort, so which colour could represent this better than gold?
Inspired from classic vintage embroideries as seen in churches, gold tones are definitely back.

 Vintage hand embroidery seen in a church            Gunold embroidery threads on embroidery design
 in Italy, photo by Reiner Knochel                            created by Irene Körting, Reutlingen University,
                                                                                photo by Reiner Knochel

 Gunold Sulky viscose thread,                                     Gunold Sulky viscose thread,
 design by Nadine Tobias,                                           design by Constitch,
 embroidery by Irene Körting,                                      photo by Reiner Knochel
 Reutlingen University,
 photo by Reiner Knochel

What are we longing for ? Strenth and light – the Pantone colours for 2021 are
perfectly representing these two essential Needs:

 Pantone colours of the year 2021 and Gunold threads. Arrangement and photo by Reiner Knochel

Gunold Poly thread on fabric by Sam Fashion Italy, design and embroidery by Irene Körting,
Reutlingen University, photo by Reiner Knochel

Nature is one of the most powerful partners these days. Where can you go to fill up your batteries? There is almost no other way than to enjoy a long walk in the forest, near the river or on the countryside. Getting shelter and protection, snuggling cosy natural fabrics.

Gunold Cotty on fabric by Bananatex,                    Gunold Poly on cork material by Sam Fashion Italy,
Design by GS UK, photo by Reiner Knochel            design and embroidery by Jessica Dersch,
                                                                          Modefachschule Sigmaringen, Photo by Reiner Knochel

On the other hand, we need colour. Strong colours like pink as well as other monochrome shades to express confidence, strength and optimism.


Gunold Sulky viscose, design by GS UK, photo by Reiner Knochel

Wrinkles are back ! Either the fabrics are washed or treated accordingly
to get this kind of imperfect look. Easy, laid-back and comfortable. 

Gunold Poly on fabric by Taubert, embroidery and design by Irene Körting,
Reutlingen University, photo by Reiner Knochel

We were speaking about the power of nature already. However,
creative minds take it a step further and use nature as inspiration for alienation and reinterpretations,
combining traditional materials and patterns with high-tech materials and techniques…

Gunold Poly and reflective transfer dots by Regine IQtrim,
design by Sandra Schellhammer, Hochschule Pforzheim,
photo by Reiner Knochel

Gunold Poly fluorescent on reflective fabric
by Sam Fashion Italy, Design by GS UK,
photo by Reiner Knochel

In this spirit, dare to be different, dare to do and never give up being creative and innovative !

Reiner Knochel for Gunold, February 2021