Qualité & Protection de l´environnement


Important keywords for us are innovation, quality and environmental protection. It will only take a few minutes of your time to let us explain!


We don't just talk about our products, we develop them!

If you don’t go forwards you go backwards- therefore we keep on moving. Intensive research and our focus on ongoing development determine the standard of our products.

In our broad product range with everything concerning your embroidery needs you will find numerous developments of our own and of course, we continuously improve our products in order to keep up to date with the latest knowledge about production and ways of application. On a regular basis, new products and production processes are created with these goals in mind: high customer benefit, high economic efficiency and further improved environmental tolerability. This was true in the past, is true today and is standard for tomorrow's products.

Quality right from the beginning

Our name stands for selected and only high quality products

When it comes to quality we don't accept compromises. For the production of our embroidery threads - the largest product segment - we only use materials of highest quality. For us quality already starts with the purchase of the raw materials! This focus on quality is maintained throughout all production processes. After each operational step thorough quality checks are performed and in addition random samples are checked at the laboratory. These measures ensure quality consistency of our embroidery threads. So only the very best threads are sold to you! In addition to our own products we carry an extensive assortment of embroidery materials from all over the world, which are characterized by selected quality, outstanding workmanship and usability.
Gunold GmbH always offers precision with highest quality - because only the best quality will survive!

Environmental protection as we see it

(Our guiding principle:) Outstanding features combined with exemplary ecological friendliness. We use one of Europe's most modern dye houses. State-of-the-art dyeing equipment of various capacities and a special dye program allows the thread to be dyed with less use of chemicals.

 It is a well-known fact that rayon embroidery threads are the most commonly used threads within the embroidery industry.
 We also set standards during the production of our high quality rayon thread. Only environmentally friendly reactive dyes are being used. And just as with the careful selection of all our raw materials, we do not accept any compromises with our other materials. We exclusively purchase our dyes from renowned chemical companies, which themselves are involved in active research. This way their newest improvements are always available to us.

 Already in 1994 our threads were certified according to the Öko-Tex Standard 100 without any problems. This was achieved at a time when the topic of environmentally friendly production was not yet a high priority in our industry.

 Action instead of reaction and developing products that best combine outstanding properties with exemplary ecological friendliness - this is what we understand by environmental protection.